"She puts you at ease...."

   I had the experience and continue to work with Life Coach/Counselor Lissa in trying to heal from an upbringing in a cult.
I have not met any people that are as genuine and caring as Lissa. She puts you at ease, is able to share personal experience in trauma, and has a beautiful way of reversing the bad that we can experience in this world.
   If you are suffering and want someone that isn't gonna treat you as a number but will instead speak to you out of love and help you heal then give her a try.- Male client


"Lissa is amazing!"

"She is kind, compassionate, thoughtful and honest. She draws from a wealth of life experiences, work experiences and education to bring top quality care". - JE


"I will be forever grateful..."

I don't even know where to start expressing my gratitude for Health Boundary Society! Lissa meets you where you are, both physically, mentally, and emotionally, and sets a plan personalized to YOU and your growth. I had been carrying years of emotional grief from losing loved ones, and by Lissa simply asking questions and talking me through each loved one, I was able to discover so much about myself and how to reflect back on my loved ones in a way that healthy. I truly could not have found a better person to open my heart up to, and I will forever be grateful for Lissa's support and wisdom! - Nicole Shepard


"One of the most trustworthy people I know..."

"Lissa Bradford has the special gift of being able to hear what people can say as well as those words that may too difficult to speak. I frequently seek out her counsel on thoughts that I find troubling. She is one of the most trustworthy people I know. I would highly recommend her to anyone who might benefit from her sound guidance." - Kari Barcome, LCSW


"I felt safe, calm and accepted..."

"I felt safe,calm and accepted the first time I met Lissa. When I found out she was offering the Heathy Boundary coaching I knew she would be the one to help guide me through some tough "baggage". She gave me excellent guidance and tools I am able to use daily for all situations. Lissa is an insightful, gentle, loving and talented counselor I strongly recommend her..." 'Female Client' - age 57


"Compassionate and Caring..."

"Lissa Eichenberger Bradford is one of the most compassionate and caring souls I have ever known.  Even before her life-changing event, she was someone I could talk to and confide in… Her honesty and integrity always shown through.  She is someone who has experienced life and is using that experience to help you on your path.  I highly encourage you to make her a part of your life experience now!” -Karen Lee Cohen


"I knew I needed to reconnect but I just didn't know how..."

“I had been estranged from my daughter for many years. I knew I needed to reconnect but I just didn’t know how. Lissa helped me find my own voice, strength and courage to talk with my daughter in a new way, with new boundaries. I could not have become “unstuck” without Lissa’s counsel.” – 'Female Client'- age 70


"She never told me what I should or shouldn't do..."

“Lissa gave me new tools to be able to talk to my boss without feeling afraid. She never told me what I should or shouldn’t do. Lissa has a way of asking questions to help me find my own answers.” - 'Male Client'- age 60