Are you ready to deal with some old stuff? Are you ready to move forward? Do you have trouble saying, “No!”? It’s time to make a change for YOU. We can help.

What is "Healthy Boundary Society" Counseling?

One-on-one, completely confidential counseling. HBS counseling will provide you with new coping tools to improve your life by learning to make better choices. This is life changing! 

HBS Counselor Rev. Lissa Bradford has more than 40 years’ experience successfully navigating professional and personal challenges. Now you can benefit from that experience. You can learn to have good, healthy boundaries at affordable cost.

Mission Statement

To empower people who struggle with identifying and setting good, healthy boundaries: in their personal life, their professional life, their family, food choices, financial choices.

Lissa E. Bradford

Positive Outcomes of HBS Counseling

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Increased Self-Esteem:
People who have good, healthy boundaries have stronger self-esteem which empowers them to make better decisions in all areas of their lives. People with weak or zero good boundaries, and hence lower self-esteem, typically make the same bad decisions over and over and over again, time after time, year after year.

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