Life Coaching/ Counseling
for a PEACEFUL, FREE life.


 Do you feel trapped in a toxic relationship? Do you say "yes" when you really want to say "no"? Do you feel like a 'doormat'? Does your family 'boss' you around or disrespect you? LGBTQ++ persons affirmed and supported here. 

Addiction to Cell Phone/ Screen Time Management

Are you struggling to manage your time more effectively? How much screen time do you spend each day? Has anyone ever accused you of being 'addicted' to your phone? Are you 'gaming' or spending too much time on social media?

Work/ Professional

Does your boss put unrealistic demands on you and your time? Are you required to be “on call” and available 24/7 so that you have to leave your phone on all the time? Do you feel trapped in your job with no idea how to change it?

Burnout/ Stress Reduction

How depleted are you? How much real "down time" do you have every day? We can teach you how to priortize your self-care BEFORE you're completely FRIED.